Back in 2000, rap-metal from bands like Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, and 3rd Strike became at the forefront.  Heck, during this trend, we saw P. Diddy collaborate with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin by sampling “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin for the song “Come With Me”, which was on the Godzilla soundtrack.  It was becoming a trend and on September 5th, 2000, Sony Music/Loud Records released the “Loud Rocks” compilation album, which featured collaborations between various hip-hop artists and various rock artists.  We would see collaborations such as Incubus collaborating with Big Punisher, Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath fame collaborating with Wu-Tang Clan, and System Of A Down also collaborating with Wu-Tang Clan.  As a tribute to Mobb Deep, I am going to show you “Shook Ones Part II”, which featured Mobb Deep’s collaboration with Everlast.  Did Everlast do Mobb Deep justice?  Let us know in the comments below!

“Shook Ones Part II” by Mobb Deep and Everlast

“Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep

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