Today’s edition is one of those where I felt that the original should’ve been left alone.  The Animals wrote “House Of The Rising Sun” in a time where the song needed to be heard, and at that time, only The Animals could’ve conveyed the emotions in this particular song.  Five Finger Death Punch covered this song, and some would argue that it helped catapult them into the mainstream.  We know that Five Finger Death Punch are having their problems with Ivan Moody, yet they are temporarily pressing on with Tommy Vext covering for Ivan Moody for the rest of Five Finger Death Punch’s European tour.  We sincerely hope that Ivan gets the help and counseling that he needs.  It seems like life on the road and the fame can cause a person to go on a downward spiral.  For the sake of the fans and their well-being, I hope Five Finger Death Punch comes back stronger than ever.  After my digression, the question remains, did Five Finger Death Punch do The Animals justice?  Let us know in the comments below!

“House Of The Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

“House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals

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