“A Perfect Disarray” by Leav/E/arth, highly emo/T/ive!

Out of Cleveland, Ohio is a band that is ready to make their mark in the alternative rock world, and that band is Leav/E/arth! They recently released their album entitled “A Perfect Disarray” via InVogue Records!

Leav/E/arth is composed of Leah Stenger on vocals, David Lewis on guitar, Benji Blum on guitar, Luke Baumgardner on bass, and Jared Kapalin on drums!  They create a lot of emotion in “A Perfect Disarray”, which is an aptly appropriate title for Leav/E/arth!  When I think of the word disarray, I think of circumstances that are beyond our control and it’s left awash or a mess.  However, when you add the word “perfect” before “disarray”, maybe we are meant to go through difficult circumstances, and the trials and tribulations of life in order to find what is meant to be for us.

“A Perfect Disarray” starts off with “Memory”.  “Memory” seems to start off with an emotion or a circumstance that leaves the person scarred.  While listening to this track, I immediately notice the highly emotive voice that Leah possesses while one guitar packs a punch and the other guitar seems to leave a backdrop in the song that leaves it to be an emotional experience for the listener.  “A Perfect Disarray” seems to really pick up between the fourth and sixth tracks of the album beginning with “One Sided”.  “One Sided” is the straw that stirs the drink of this album.  It’s probably Leav/E/arth’s most energetic track on the record.  “Fractions” packs a punch and the guitars and Leah’s voice do a great job of interacting with one another in this track.  “Too Far Gone” really displays the niche in terms of the arrangements of Leav/E/arth, which includes a powerful chorus, excellent guitar tones, and a rhythm section that is the cherry on the cake.  A career defining moment is the track “The End”.  “The End” takes the listener threw a sweeping ballad that sees Leah display her vocal prowess.  I especially enjoy the guitars that really drive this song, especially the slowed down tempo that provides a serene backdrop into the music.  It is truly a highlight of the record. It seems to carry on with the story that no matter what the person tries to accomplish, that they are faced with the cold fact that they will never find acceptance with that other person.  Leah has a poignant voice that soars during the chorus and she does a great job of displaying emotion in the verses and the bridges of the songs.

One thing I appreciate about this record is that Leav/E/arth seems to have found their niche and they really know how to execute in the arrangements and musicianship in order to make “A Perfect Disarray” a quality album to listen to.  The songs seem to blend together nicely in order to tell the story of heartbreak, overcoming, and learning to accept that not everything is meant to be in life.  I really enjoyed the closing arrangement on piano in “The Other Side”, which brings about more of a somber ballad as opposed to a straight up rock song that “The Other Side” brings about.  Overall, this is a solid record, especially after giving the records a couple of listens.  It’s emotive, it tells solid stories that make it universally relatable, and it maintains an originality in a genre that is quite saturated.

Go pick up “A Perfect Disarray” by Leav/E/arth wherever music is sold!  Here is the track listing to “A Perfect Disarray” below!

“A Perfect Disarray” by Leav/E/arth

  1.  “Memory”
  2.  “Someday”
  3.  “The Other Side”
  4.  “One Sided”
  5.  “Fractions”
  6.  “Too Far Gone”
  7.  “The End”
  8.  “Someone Else’s Hands”
  9.  “Coming Back”
  10.  “Wildfire”
  11.  “Here And Now”
  12.  “Chicago”
  13.  “The Other Side” (piano version)

Here is the music video to “The End” below!

Check out Leav/E/arth at the following locations:

iTunes: http://apple.co/1ZVcMgy
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Qaa078
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1UmjQ4d

Website: http://bit.ly/1UlmIOO
Twitter: http://bit.ly/21oyBFG
Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Yu9Yso


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