After years of touring and refining their craft, electronic-infused metalcore quintet Coldblack are prepared to release their new full-length, Circles. Incorporating synth, melodic vocals, and heavy instrumentation more seamlessly than ever before, the band is ready to unleash the new tracks to captivate fans old and new.

Coldblack formed in the winter of 2011 near Copenhagen, Denmark. The goal from the onset was to create a hard-hitting and heavy band with a melodic edge and remarkable visuals. The band came together easily and naturally, since Vic (vocals) and Alex (guitars) are brothers and both cousins to Martin (guitars). Jamal (drums) and Jeff (bass) were long time friends.¬†Within a year of the band’s inception, they were playing some of the biggest venues in Denmark.¬†In late 2012, Coldblack was given the opportunity to travel to Cleveland, Ohio to record a 5-track EP. The EP was recorded during the summer of 2013 at Spider Studios in Cleveland, and was later mixed by Matt Dalton (Attila, Vic Fuentes, I See Stars, etc.) and mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack, Crown The Empire, Blessthefall, etc.). Shortly after recording, an East Coast US tour commenced, soon followed by a West Coast stint a year later. In 2015, the band released a single “Tear Us From The Inside” as a preview of the newer direction the band would take sonically.

In late 2016, Coldblack finished recording their first full-length record. After much anticipation, the band are ready to reveal their fusion of heavy synth with soaring vocals, hard-hitting guitars, and explosive percussions. As the pinnacle of the band’s raw talent and determination to push their boundaries, Circles is bound to impress new listeners and solidify old followers. Circles will be released via Artery Recordings on August 18th.
“Circles” by Coldblack

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