UK rockers SYTERIA, featuring Jackie Chambers of Girlschool and previously Blitzkrieg, released a brand new music video for the track “I’m All Woman”, from the debut album ‘Rant-O-Bot’, due out on May 30th 2017. The new album is available on all digital platforms and can be ordered on CD directly from the SYTERIA’s official website

The video can be viewed here:

The video for “I’m All Woman” was filmed on location in the City of Sheffield, by Lucy and Scott at Redönya Media in conjunction with 2weeks2makeit.
SYTERIA guitarist Jax Chambers commented, “’I’m All Woman’ is a song about those individuals who believe themselves to be God’s gift to the opposite sex, they see others as objects and as play things for their own amusement with no care who they hurt or of any consequences, not believing in Love just passion.”
SYTERIA are a band that incorporate Rock and Pop with Punk energies whilst using the ancient Solfeggio scale of recording in 432hz instead of the standard 440hz to leave you feeling in tune with the Universe.

What the press have said about ‘Rant-O-Bot’:
“If you’ve not heard of the band yet, you soon will” – Johnny Main (
“The band has a great rock sound with all of them supplying backing vocals to Julia’s soaring rock vocal lead.” – The Moshville Times
“SYTERIA offer a refreshing and dynamic energy, combined with powerhouse songs which have instant appeal yet also stay in the memory”. – Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock Magazine)
“SYTERIA shows what a very successful fan pledge campaign can do and the results, in the right production hands, can be a very kickass album.‘- Mark “Metal Messiah” Ehrlich (Amps and Green Screens)
“Great new U.K. band to keep an eye open for.” – Metal DJ Will (KNAC Radio Los Angeles)
“SYTERIA will school you in hard driving Rock n’ Roll. ‘RANT-O-BOT’ is the debut of 2017, hands down!” – CelticBob (MetalRules Canada)

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Syteria hit #1 on Hard Rock Hell Radio’s Weekly Top 20 Countdown May 13, 2017

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Julia Calvo – Vocals
Jackie Chambers – Guitars/Vocals (Girlschool, Blitzkrieg)
Keira Kenworthy – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Pablo Calvo – Drums/Vocals

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rant o bot

‘Rant-O-Bot‘ Tracklisting:
1. Revolution
2. When I Get Out Of High School
3. Complication
4. Sheeple
5. I’m All Woman
6. Get A Life
7. Stupid Girl
8. Loner
9. Hypocrite
10. Kamikaze
11. If
12. New World Order

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