One of the greatest mainstream rock songs of the late 1990’s/early 2000’s is undoubtedly “Black” by Sevendust, which is taken off of their self-titled debut record.  In my view, that is THE album of the nu-metal genre of the aforementioned era.  Chicago, Illinois’ own A.D.D. did a cover of this song off of their album entitled “C.O.R.E.”.  The question is, did A.D.D. do justice for Sevendust? Let us know in the comments below.

“Black” by Sevendust

“Black” by A.D.D.

As a bonus, here is Disturbed covering “Black”

6 thoughts on “Cover Vs. Original: A.D.D. takes on “Black” by Sevendust!”

  1. I like both the Sevendust and the A.D.D. versions… Margie and the guys certainly did justice to one of Sevendust’s signature songs.

  2. Awesome cover of an awesome song. I’ve seen A.D.D. Do this song live and was definitely impressed, they do the song well!

  3. A.D.D. did it justice and then some, love Margie’s​ voice. They are for sure light years ahead of Disturbed on the cover of Black

  4. Sevendust is my favorite!! A.D.D. ABSOLUTELY KILLS this cover!! No chick EVER had had a killer voice like Margie’s to tackle a song by LJ. I’ve seen them perform this live numerous times… and I’m amazed every time!!

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