European juggernauts Dreamshade just released a bass playthrough of “Autumn Leaves” from their highly praised album, Vibrant. The video stars Gian-Andrea Costa using an Ibanez SR5005 bass guitar through an Avalon U5 DI (clean sound) blended with a Sansamp PSA-1 preamp (distortion sound) from his home studio.


In Vibrant, their seminal work, Dreamshade reflects upon relationships of all kinds. The band recognizes the effects that familial relationships, romantic relationships, and long-lasting friendships have upon one’s life. Recognizing that shifts in those relationships can either strengthen or weaken a person, the new record is a call to learn and grow from inevitable change. Showcasing their technical musicianship, following up their guitar playthrough of “Oceantides” ( is a testament to the band’s undeniable talent.


Dreamshade – “Autumn Leaves” Bass Playthrough (Exclusive Bass Player Premiere):

Vibrant OUT NOW- iTunes

New #Vibrant European Tour 2017!
11.05 | SOLOTHURN ???? | Kofmehl
13.05 | GENEVA ???? | Undertown
26.05 | CASERTA ???? Spartaco
27.05 | PADOVA ???? I’m Lab
28.05 | BOLOGNA ???? Alchemica Club
02.06 | LUZERN ???? | Schüür
03.06 | WIL ???? | Gare de Lion
25.09 | ZÜRICH ???? | Dynamo – Werk 21

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