LA’s LITRONIX, the musical project of vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Litrow (N.O.W., 60-Watt Kid, Dance Disaster Movement) will release a new album titled “Pump The Gas” on June 16th via LA-based indie label Porch Party Records.

On “Pump The Gas”, Litrow teamed with critically-acclaimed musician/songwriter Avi Buffalo (Sub Pop), who produced the record.

Check out the premiere of a new song titled “Hole In The Wall” on Buzzbands.LA.

“Pump The Gas” will be available on white 12″ vinyl and all digital formats.

Vinyl pre-orders have launched at:

Before June 1st – $15 vinyl
After June 1st – $20 vinyl

For 4 years, Kevin Litrow of LITRONIX was living above an apocalyptic
Chevron gas station on a busy intersection in Venice Beach, California.
Kevin captured every moment and essence that the gas station had to
offer. “Pump The Gas” takes you on an epic journey and adventure into Litrow’s deepest un-filtered psyche, that was inspired by the powerful energy living above this gas station.

Kevin states:

“The Gas Station is a movie that never ends. People of all kinds come to
the gas station to fill up and roll out. Always coming and going. Some
people are local, most are not. Some are travelers, some are hookers,
some are drug dealers, drinkers, homeless, supermodels, actors,
tweekers, surfers, professionals, and some are survivors. The gas station
is always moving. Except for me. I stay still. I live here. I watch the neverending movie and take notes. And this album is what I came up with.”

LITRONIX is a music machine inventing irresistible futuristic pop songs. Litrow infuses warm analog electronic synthesizers, organic guitars, multi-layered loops, and boxed beats.

In the studio, critically acclaimed SubPop artist Avi Buffalo stepped in as
producer. They recorded and released the first single Are You New Age?
as a seven inch, including a side-b remix by legendary electronic pioneer
Sensations’ Fix.

“Pump The Gas” will be released on June 16th, which happens to be Kevin’s birthday.

Pump The Gas Track List:

01 Are You New Age?

02 Hole In The Wall

03 Love Nights

4 Men Are Good

05 Maggot

06 New Roads

07 The Good Life

08 Pump The Gas

Upcoming shows:

5/27- Costa Mesa, CA // Casa (Litronix, Image Bulletin, DJ Bixby, DJ New Age)

6/16 Long Beach, CA Record Release Show

What others are saying about LITRONIX:

“A loop pedal-fueled panoply of analog synth, guitar, arching vocals and particle-collision electronic beats, it pulses with the energy of its surroundings and the subversive tendencies of its experimental pop creator.”

– BuzzBands.LA

“…matches Silver Apples’ synthscapes, Suicide’s pulsebeat and Broadcast’s
electro-psychedelia to his own fearlessly expressive confessionals. Think of these as soul songs from an alternate universe—ballads by J.G. Ballard or Alfred Bester, with one man and his machines alone against the void.”

-LA Record

“Like Suicide’s Martin Rev and Talking Heads’ David Byrne on a last-ditch succeed-at-all-costs mission to save humanity from itself…”

Where to find Litronix:

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