Australian natives Strange Karma have released the full-length CD entitled “Cold Blooded” in 2016.  They have recently released the vinyl version of the aforementioned record.

Strange Karma is composed of the Strange brothers, including Martin Strange on vocals/keyboards and Paul Strange on guitars, and Jason McDonald on drums.  The trio explores its influences and roots throughout this records, which ranges from classic rock to early grunge ala Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, and even a mix of blues with grunge of a band like Candlebox.  Strange Karma has tapped David Ivory to produce this record.  Ivory is known for his work in production with Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots, and Erykah Badu.  While the modern production, mixing, and mastering is there, there remains an authentic feel into the Strange Karma sound.

“Cold Blooded” starts off with a track entitled “Freedom”.  This track explores Strange Karma’s influences while ending with a Broadway, spiritual, rock type of feel as Martin Strange demands an outcry for newfound freedom.  The album seamlessly transitions into the band’s staple track entitled “Devil From The Moon”.  You will be able to check out the video to the aforementioned track.  Martin Strange displays his vocal prowess while Paul Strange provides anthemic, driving guitar riffs and Jason McDonald brings out impeccable timing in his rhythm for his drumming.  The listener can also definitely appreciate the interwoven work of the Strange brothers as there is a classical piano influence combined with an arena rock feel on the guitars that make people think about  a classic Scorpions ballad in “Crying For Your Love”.

Overall, rock fans will appreciate the rock, operatic feel that Strange Karma offers.  There is a sense of authenticity and a throwback feel to it.  This is for fans that long for the days of classic rock on the FM radio, as well as 80s hard rock with hints of early 1990’s Seattle grunge ala Nirvana, Candlebox, and Mother Love Bone.  Check out the track listing below to “Cold Blooded” by Strange Karma.

“Cold Blooded” by Strange Karma

  1.  “Freedom”
  2.  “Devil From The Moon”
  3.  “Crying For Your Love”
  4.  “Realize”
  5.  “I Believe(London Town)”
  6.  “Heartbeat”
  7.  “Should’ve Seen It Coming”
  8.  “Cold Blooded”
  9.  “Hey Man”
  10.  “Dreams”

Here is where fans can find Strange Karma:

Check out the music video to “Devil From The Moon” below!

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