Unleash Them: “In Chaos We Trust” by Siriun, inventive sonic assault for your carcass!

Out of Brazil, is a band that is featured in the “Unleash Them” section of Madness to Creation.  That band is Siriun.  On May 19th, they will be unleashing their sonic assault to the masses entitled “In Chaos We Trust”.

Siriun is composed of Alexandre Castellan on guitars/vocals, Elvis Damigo on guitars, Ricardo Amorim on bass, and Braulio Drumond on drums(seems like an appropriate name for a drummer, pun intended).  To help Alexandre with the mixing and production of the album, Siriun enlisted Alan Douches, who has produced for The Black Dahlia Murder and Revocation to bring about the sonic assault vision of Siriun.  Siriun combines serious thought provoking lyrics with anger in their arrangements, and a path that blazes into a new form of metal with a bit of exotic flavoring in the metal.

“In Chaos We Trust” starts off with an all-out death blitz entitled “Mass Control”.  This song displays Alexandre’s vocal prowess in his screams and growls while Elvis, Ricardo, and Braulio unleash a fury in the song.  It is a politically charged song talking about how the global elites try to mass control the world population and how they want us to stand in line and obey their every command.  It is also a take on cults and how they view organized religion as well.  Siriun wants anarchy within your soul and they want you to live free and for you to determine your own destiny.  Siriun also touches upon subjects of politics, diseases, and how religious leaders use hatred instead of love to spread their message.

As I’m going through “In Chaos We Trust”, the album seems to touch upon a lot of concepts and the songs seem to be interwoven to make it feel like one massive opus that you’re listening to instead of just a bunch of songs thrown together on the album.  The transitions are smooth between each song as there is not a wasted note on the album.  The songs “Infected” and “Cosmogenesis” bring about a bit of Brazilian flavoring to the tracks ala Max Cavalera led Soulfly, which “Cosmogenesis” smoothly transitions into the title track “In Chaos We Trust”.  There is a bit of that Spanish flamenco style guitar in “Transmutation” as well where it smoothly transitions into their chaotic death metal.  “Becoming Aware” is a great album closer that shows the listener that you have very little room to breathe when you put on a record by Siriun.  For a death metal record, this is one that is packed full of groove that makes it accessible to listeners of all types of metal.

Sonically, this is a record that a person shouldn’t sleep on.  Siriun is here to take over the underground death metal world with their progressive/sonic arrangements, experimentations in parts of various songs where they try new sounds, and with their all-out blitz of a rhythm section.  Siriun unleashes the potential that they have “In Chaos We Trust”.  This album gets a solid 3.5/5 star rating.  If you’re a fan of bands like Six Feet Under, DevilDriver, and BattleCross, then you will definitely be a fan of Siriun.  May 19th, go to your nearest record store and pick up a copy of “In Chaos We Trust”.  Here is the track listing below:

“In Chaos We Trust” by Siriun

  1.  “Mass Control”
  2.  “Infected”
  3.  “Spread Of Hate”
  4.  “Cosmogenesis”
  5.  “In Chaos We Trust”
  6.  “Intent”
  7.  “Transmutation”
  8.  “Becoming Aware”

Check out the music video for “Intent” below!

Check out Siriun at the following locations:





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