Pink Floyd is probably my all-time favorite band.  “The Wall” by Pink Floyd is just a genius album from front to back on both discs.  It’s one of those things where you just randomly pick a single from that album to listen to, it makes it difficult because you feel like you’re missing out on the story of “The Wall”.  Minneapolis natives Skywynd did an impeccable job as did Korn.  Did Skywynd and Korn do Pink Floyd justice?  Let us know in the comments below!

Here is Skywynd’s version

Here is Korn’s version:

3 thoughts on “Cover Vs. Original, Triple Threat Edition Pink Floyd vs. Skywynd vs. Korn”

  1. Happy to see this posted. Thank you! We did the song for fun as Floyd has always been a magical and meaningful influence to us from way back in our youth. Comparisons are fun and interesting but in no way can we touch the original. All out of great respect… Thanks for listening!

    1. Dude, I absolutely loved the cover! Pink Floyd is probably my all-time favorite band and don’t take it lightly when I said that your band killed it on the cover! Saw you guys back in college when you all opened for Sevendust at the Quest in Minneapolis and you all played at The Reverb in Iowa(it was a Black Friday show I believe). Me and my college friends were enamored with the O2 album.

  2. Skywind hands down has the best version.I wish they’d cover the record. I never cared for Floyd much until I heard skywinds cover, now I love em.

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