In 2013, another great metalcore band is born out of the streets of Chicago, Illinois.  That band is Speaking With Ghosts.  Although it was self-released awhile back, Speaking With Ghosts is now starting to make noise in the metalcore world with their EP entitled “Searching For Direction”.

Speaking With Ghosts is composed of Ryan Wilmot on vocals, Tyler Baskin on guitars, Pat Olson on vocals/bass, Craig Hoffman on guitars, and Jake Stone on drums.  With “Searching For Direction”, they made the jaunt up to Detroit, Michigan to work with two-time Grammy nominated producer Matt Dalton, who is known for his work with Chiodos, Pierce The Veil, and I See Stars.  Matt Dalton sure brought out the dynamics in Speaking With Ghosts.

First, I must say that I’m impressed with the work that Speaking With Ghosts did in their collaborations with Adam Warren of Oceano in “The Departure” and the work they did with Garrett Garfield of The New Low in “D.N.R.”.  Their contrasts provided a nice balance in “D.N.R.” behind the brutal screams that Ryan Wilmot offers to the clean high-pitched singing that Garrett Garfield offered in the collaboration.  Speaking With Ghosts did a nice job of illustrating their fun that they had in their cover of “Faint”, which is originally done by Linkin Park.

The breakdowns are there in this EP and the brutality is there as well, yet their metalcore stylings are palatable to those that are into the hardcore, hardcore punk, and traditional metal genres.  That is hard to accomplished for a seasoned band, let alone a band like Speaking With Ghosts that is determined to cause a ruckus in the metalcore scene, and Speaking With Ghosts have done just that!  The breakdowns in “Searching For Direction” serve a purpose and they don’t seem cliche for this genre, there’s a meaning behind it, as it serves the other tracks nicely!  I see Speaking With Ghosts doing well for themselves in the future, I give this a solid 3.5/5 star rating for their collaborative efforts with Oceano and The New Low, and for their breakdowns, which showcases their tight arrangements and tight musicianship as a band!

Check out the track listing for “Searching For Direction” by Speaking With Ghosts here!

  1.  “Faint” (Linkin Park cover)
  2.  “Dreamwalker”
  3.  “Enemy”
  4.  “Thick As Thieves”
  5.  “The Departure” featuring Adam Warren of Oceano
  6.  “D.N.R.” featuring Garrett Garfield of The New Low

Check out the lyric video to “Thick As Thieves” below!

Check out Speaking With Ghosts at the following locations:

Go pick up “Searching For Direction” as soon as possible!


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