On Friday, April 14th, Enterprise Earth will be releasing their record entitled “Embodiment” via Stay Sick Recordings!  Here is the track listing for the album:

  1.  “Shroud Of Flesh”
  2.  “Mortum Incarnatum”
  3.  “Temptress”
  4.  “Never Forgive, Never Forget”
  5.  “The Draconian Oculus”
  6.  “Serpentiform”
  7.  “Black Earth”
  8.  “Embrace The Ashes”
  9.  “Empty Sockets”
  10.  “Deflesh To Unveil”
  11.  “Father Of Abortion”
  12.  “1Cruciform”
  13.  “Deathwind”

Check out the music video to “Mortum Incarnatum” here!

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