Sometimes in life you have to stop, take stock and evaluate the person you’re becoming. This time of assessment is a running theme on the debut EP from the young, Cali-based pop-punk quintet Sad Vegan. The group will be releasing Another Life, Another Day on March 3rd (featuring the singles “Palm Trees” and “New Years, No Fears“), but they’ve teamed up with New Noise Magazine this week to stream the rest of the record a few days early. The energetic melodies on the six tracks often bounce back and forth from the male and female perspective, offering two sides to the same story.

This EP is a reflection on growing up and learning how to deal with the relationship you have with yourself and the people around you,” guitarist Bailey Blanton explains. “Whether that means cutting toxic people out of your life, or simply coming to the realization that you can always improve your own character, we are all just trying to figure it out. These six songs are our personal interpretation of this struggle.

Another Life, Another Day was produced by Sam Guaiana (Life Pacific, Coldfront) and mastered by Sam Pura (State Champs, Basement). The record will be available March 3rd via

1) One Step
2) New Years, No Fears
3) Talk Sick, Toxic
4) Little Bird
5) Palm Trees
6) Idlebridge

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