Manchester, NH based Photographer/Videographer and multi-talented musician Alexander Azzi is no stranger to the horror world. Best known in the EDM music scene under the horror themed, metalstep project Drop Goblin, his 2013 single The Gate was featured on Bloody-Disgusting and “Joseph Carmichael” (inspired by the 1980 classic The Changeling) on both Bloody-Disgusting and FEARnet. And Alex has now released his debut horror short Face of 4. Originally premiered exclusively with, Face of 4 is a high tension gem that’s already garnering praise both critically and on the Awards/Film Festival circuit.


Advance Praise for Face of 4

Written and Directed by Alexander Azzi, Face of 4 is yet another example of how little time you need to make an impact. The film is also an example of how sparingly you can use actual dialogue when you’ve mastered visual storytelling. Directors of photography Jonathan Geddis and Jonathan Olson do an incredible job of communicating volumes of information in individual shots, as well as creating a claustrophobic and paranoid mood, the film almost taking on the spirit of a dramatic play. This sense of closeness further enhances the events in the film by making the danger feel immediate and the risks feel staggering.We Are Indie Horror

You may already be familiar with the creative output of Alexander Azzi — already known to the music world as electronic music producer, DJ and composer Drop Goblin. I covered Alex’s music frequently back in the day as music reporter for FEARnet, and his horror-inspired projects have amazed EDM-loving genre fans from around the globe…This tight and twisty tale involves an unnamed man forced by an unseen captor to participate in a cryptic game of chance — in which a series of dice rolls may lead to freedom or grisly death. To reveal more would spoil the fun, so press play and let the game begin…Blumhouse

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